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Easy to Install, Learn and Use.

Visually appealing and user friendly. With simple tutorials anyone can master ProLine in matters of hours.


ProLine is Your New Workstation

Wonderful integration links My Documents to Reports and Letters, even Email. You don’t need to use other software to get your work done.


Computerization Made Simple

There’s nothing to do. Just allow ProLine to gather enough data and emails reports to you.

Who Needs ProLine?

ProLine is designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized companies for…

  • Air Conditioning Servicing & Repairs
  • Alarm and Security
  • Auto Detailing
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Boat Washing, Detailing and Cleaning
  • Car Servicing & Repair Workshops
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Cleaning & Washing
  • Computer Repair Services
  • Computer Sales & Services
  • Construction & Renovation Services
  • Display Lighting Installation Services
  • Electricians Services
  • Elevator & Escalator
  • Event Planning
  • Equipment Rental
  • Fleet Maintenance & Repair Services
  • Flooring Sales & Services
  • Furnace Repair and Services
  • General Repair Services
  • Generator Service & Rentals
  • Glass Replacement Services
  • Gutter Services
  • Handyman Services
  • Health & Beauty Services
  • Home Health Care Sales & Services
  • Hygiene Services
  • Interpreting Services
  • Janitorial Services
  • Kitchen Exhaust Sales & Services
  • Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance
  • Maid Services
  • Medical Equipment Sales & Services
  • Membership Management
  • Network Installation Services
  • Office Automation Sales & Services
  • Painting Services
  • Pest Control Services
  • Plumbing Services
  • Pool & Spa Services
  • Property Management
  • Retail Sales & Services
  • Repair & Restoration Services
  • Roofing Services
  • Satellite Dish Installation
  • Telemarketing Services

ProLine for Pest Control Industry

  • Order: Keep track of adhoc order and contract (pricing, package, single or multiple service locations, service frequency)
  • Contract renewal: Generate renewal notices for expiring contracts and create renewed sales order with a few mouse clicks.
  • Service schedule: Pre-arrange all work plans for each sales order automatically with theAuto-Scheduler. Keep track of due jobs, missed jobs and re-schedule jobs to service teams accordingly.

And more…

ProLine for Equipment Sales & Services

  • Customer History: Trace all the service history with a few mouse clicks.
  • Warranty: Receive e-mail reminder for all the upcoming warranty due from a generated report.
  • Maintenance Contract: Pre-arrange all maintenance schedule. Keep track of due jobs, missed jobs and re-schedule jobs to service teams accordingly.

And more…

ProLine for Photocopier

  • Meter Billing ProLine: remember the previous meter reading thus minimizing manual billing work required each month.
  • Contract Based billing Calculation: Initial one time set up of different rates and packages for different customers.
  • Sales Order: Keep track every sales or rental package, machine location & details.

And more…

ProLine 3 Overview

For Sales & Marketing

  • Contact Management
  • Complaints Managements
  • Customer Service
  • Email Broadcasting
  • Quotation / Proposal Creator
  • Sales Commission Calculation
  • SMS Broadcasting
  • Telemarketing

For Operations

  • Billing
  • Certificate Issuance
  • E-Filling
  • Field Service Management
  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing / Prototype PCB Assembly
  • Membership System
  • Purchasing
  • Rental Management
  • Scheduling & Planning

For Accounting

  • Expenses Management
  • Payables
  • Receivables
  • Journals
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement (Profit & Loss)
  • Time Sheet

Implement Contact Intelligence

Consolidate and enable your team to organize vital information related to each contact. Whether it is a supplier or customer, each contact file can store history of conversations, files, photos and other scanned documents.

Built-in Accounting

No additional work required for Accounting except for checking correctness of entries. Most information is linked and therefore the other thing require is to generate reports.

Streamline Sales

Standardized products and services with prices for users. With a click, the product can be retrieved with completed description for use with Quotations, Sales Orders and Invoices.

Purchasing from Suppliers is similar with Purchase Orders, Goods Receive Notes and Supplier Invoices.


Grows With Your Company

Start ProLine as your business system as simple as a standalone PC or notebook and later upgrade to multi-user server based system. Configure remote access or syncing for linking branches and mobile users when the need arises.

allin1shadowAll-In-One Software with a One-For-All Pricing.

Individual module can be installed to different workstations and branches.

ProLine AIO integrates software for Sales Quotation, Order Tracking, Customer Service, Renewals, Scheduling, Servicing, Billing, Marketing, Stock and Accounting. Tightly woven with E-Filling, Automation, Security and Workflow, ProLine is designed to be user-friendly and reduce costs for smaller businesses and bigger companies alike.

ProLine for Retail Services

  • Applicable for businesses such as handphone repairs, computer repairs, cars workshops, etc.
  • Issue Service Forms when customer bring in their equipment to be serviced or repaired
  • Handle customer enquiries on status of repairs / services by reviewing Service Forms
  • Analyze average duration for each job and billing linked to each job
  • Keep track of pending jobs exceeding duration

ProLine for Scheduling

  • Pre-arrange all work plans for each sales orders automatically and manually
  • Allow Auto-Scheduler to avoid holidays and find dates based on customer preferences
  • Identify peak periods easily by looking at statistical reports
  • Find available time slots and servicing teams to schedule for last-minute jobs
  • Keep track of due jobs, missed jobs and re-schedule jobs to other service teams
  • Generate work plan letters with one click

ProLine for Inventory / Stock

  • Keep track of stocks from multiple locations
  • Print Barcodes and identify items easily by attaching photos
  • Generate proper documentation for each stock transactions such as Goods Received, Delivery Order, Rental and more
  • Operation friendly tracking such as monitoring usages and rentals for chemical, material, equipment, etc.
  • Ensure proper stock level by monitoring low level stocks and issue Purchase Orders

ProLine for Accounting

  • GST compliance full set accounting
  • Minimum data entry as all information is flowed from operations
  • One Click Billing made possible using templates and linked Service Forms
  • Keep track of office expenses and staff claims using Expense Notes
  • Keep track of invoices received using Supplier Invoices directly or auto-generated from Purchase Orders
  • Generate account statements for customers, suppliers, sales staff and more
  • View real-time account balances and drill-down to ledger details
  • Generate individual or consolidated reports such as Balance Sheet and Income Statements with little work
  • Issue Cash Sales for walk-ins and Invoices for customers with credit terms

ProLine for Sales

  • Enter all kinds of contacts, from friends to prospects to suppliers and sales person and more
  • Update all activities such as phone calls, appointments, complaints to each contact file
  • Easily write letters and emails from templates to any contacts
  • Attach any photos, documents and files to each contact
  • Review all information from historical notes to bills and purchases made for each contacts
  • Maintenance of customer account codes are minimized as the contacts are also linked to accounts directly
  • Create quotations and sales orders quickly with manual price lists or auto-pricing from past records
  • Generate renewal notices for expiring contracts and create renewed sales order within clicks
  • Send broadcast emails or print mailing labels to all contacts in your database for marketing
  • Keep track of telemarketing activities and productivity by staff
  • Enter each sales inquiry as a to-do note and assign to respective sales person

ProLine for Onsite Servicing / Jobs Management

  • Print stocks required and job assignments for each servicing team daily
  • Issue Service Forms and link to schedules to complete the cycle and prepare for billing
  • Identify various jobs on its Service Targets, Nature of Service, Day / Night Job, staffs involved
  • Generate productivity reports and time sheets by servicing teams

 ProLine for Manufacturing

  • Define templates for Bill-of-Materials (BOM)
  • Create Production Orders and complete it with Production Notes containing stock movements for raw materials, finish goods and wastages
  • Print batch reports and monitor stock movements by batch numbers
  • Print barcodes and keep track individual items by serial numbers
  • Keep track of product returning for warranty

 ProLine for Easy Management

  • Create different user logins and assign roles to control access rights to system
  • Review activities performed with Audit Trail
  • Use workflow to keep track of each job and status
  • Set reminders for all tasks and CC to managers / colleagues involved
  • Receive email notifications as things happens
  • Subscribe to email alerts and summaries to receive automated reporting
  • Keep track of Sales Orders by comparing its deliverables with actual delivered quantities
  • Scan and attach paper bills, reports, agreements and supporting documents to related records for easy retrieval
  • Includes auto-backup program to perform daily backups

Features Highlight

More charts, statistics and easier to understand information. Visualize all facts in a consolidated way provides new insights on business strategies and improving competitiveness.


Introducing InfoFile for a single view of your contact. We also combine all the module programs Stock, Accounts, Sales, Operations, Marketing) to one and streamlining the codes with 30% smaller codebase than previous version.

Easily track your transaction lifecycle with full audit trails. Define your own workflows and steps to capture and monitor all activities in minutes.


Robust multi-level access with Organization Groupings (OG) to allow separation of database to branches, sales units and more. It mimics the structure of your company’s.


Document based security allow finer-grain control on who can perform specific tasks by document type.


ProLine has been designed and re-designed to improve productivity via user-friendly screens and automation.

One Click Print feature allow users to print directly after creating or editing the document.

It will automatically save, post to accounts (based on setting) and print the document. Use Ctrl-P for keyboard shortcut.


Copy From feature allow users to copy the details from existing records. This feature is also available when creating Payment Vouchers or Trade Journals.


Issue Payment / Receipt.
One click to create a new Payment or Receipt depending on the transaction.

If Invoice, will create Receipt. If Supplier Invoice or Expenses, will create payment voucher.

Expenses are things such as Expense Claims or related transactions.

Wow your customers by creating impact on your quotations, not to mention fast and easy. Print other documents such as proposals, agreements, requisition forms and even certificates to save time on sales cycle.


ProLine system is mainly driven by settings. You can easily change your company name, letterheads, even auto-generated document number format such as Customer Codes, Invoices, Receipts and more.


Contact our helpful Support Team if you need special reports or automate work that waste precious time.

Tightly integrated with the processing is an attachment feature similar to what you find in emails. Imagine each Invoice, Receipt, Payment Voucher is an email.

Attach all supporting documents, scanned bills, photos, etc. into each record. Together with a easy-to-use search, the e-Filing is a practical way of filing within the office.


E-Filing Description
A replacement for your My Documents folder. Drag and drop files to store it just like attachments in your emails. Now you can easily share Office files, scanned documents, photos and more with colleagues and team members.

Double-click on attachment files and open it directly, best of all, make any changes and it is updated automatically.

Web based support and same day response during office hours. Chat with us online at our website, submit your issues to our web tracking system.

Less traveling and wait time. We implement and support your software via Internet dial-in anytime. All our remote sessions are video-recorded and kept for 3 months. Secured, transparent and no extra cost on your side.


All it takes is a click away.

With our revolutionary, peer distributed database support, ProLine allows your organization to expand easily. Setting up branches and managing mobile workforce is as simple as adding more users.

Best value for money package that your company can capitalize on. Version upgrades, monthly updates, continuous training and unlimited remote supports – all at no extra costs.


ProLine includes an Automatic Updater to keep your software evergreen and healthy.

Accounting alone is not enough.

Computerized operations reduces time and costs while
enabling your company to generate profit like clock-work.


Address Book
To-Do List
Quick Quote
Account Statements
General Ledger
Handy Print
Price List
Network Version
Order Management
Renewal Management
Servicing + Timesheet
Stock Production (BOM)
Letter Writer*
Auto Backup
Automated Billing
SMS Integration
Email Integration


Do you want a SYSTEM to Save Your Self Time Energy Money?
Answer : Yes. The Question Is…

How Much Does It Cost to Set Up A Proper System, Fully Integrated?

Now you can have a system at an UNBELIEVABLE PRICE as low as $ 149 per month.

ProLine is guaranteed to outperform existing software as extensive research and development has been incorporated from feedbacks obtained since year 2000.

ProLine can assist staff to be productive and to focus on important skills for competitive success.
Furthermore, it can provide reminders via email to ensure nothing get left behind.

ProLine an integrated system designed to automate an average 70% of manual work.

ProLine v.3.0.636 (Free & Starter)

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Now localized with Malaysia and Singapore database presets.

Brochure | Datasheet | Release Notes | Installation Guide

Below is the minimum requirements for ProLine installation. Better specifications are recommended for performance and future growth.

Windows XP and above (all editions)
1GB RAM, 10GB Harddisk
2GHz Dual Core Processor
Desktop or Notebook
XGA or Widescreen Display recommended.
Windows XP SP3 or Windows Server 2003
2GB RAM and above
40GB of Hard Disk
2GHz 64-bit Dual Core Processor
SVGA or better
TCP/IP LAN Network of 10/100 Mbps.
Minimum of 384K broadband access for Email,
Central Reporting and SSUS Subscription.
Branches connectivity requires internet line of 512K.
Software Requirements
Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1
Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.7
TCP/IP Network (For Network version)
Firewall rules – allow access for SQL Server and
SQL Server Browser (For Network version).

How to Determine Required Storage Size?

The service life of a server is between 5 to 8 years.

The initial 20MB database size could grow up to 1GB yearly depending on the number of records keyed into the ProLine system.

For the first year, the hard disk space usage forecast are between 20GB to 40GB for the database files, server applications, office documents, pictures and other project files.

Multiply this number with 8 years, the calculated total would be between 160GB to 320GB of data at the end of the server’s service life.

Then the recommended server hard disk space would be either 320GB or 500GB.

Backup Storage

The backup storage should have the capacity to backup the entire server in case of failure, as well as all the archived data.

A USB connected or networked external storage with at least the double the capacity of the server’s hard disk space is recommended.

Based on the above recommendation, the preferred backup storage size should be between 500GB to 1TB. You will require at least 2 units of backup disk with same capacity.

Note on SQL Server

ProLine can be installed on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, which free of charge. However, this edition has a limitation of 4GB per database and single CPU utilization. If usage exceeds the said limitations, then it is required to purchase the SQL 2005 Standard Edition.

Visit for more information.

Note on System Implementation

Unlike installing a software, a proper system needs implementation. System comprises of the equipment, software, people that uses it and the standardized procedures uniquely developed, held together with the internal support team. Once a system is properly implemented, it enables the company to be productive, responsive and easily managed.


Implementation involves understanding the software, identifying operation requirements and mapping the operations to software functions. A requirements gap will be formed during the mapping process when special requirements are not supported within the software.

Once the mapping and gaps are fully understood and viable for use, the next step is to install and configure, migrating data, train users and document the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the system.

Note: The above software does not include implementation. Since each implementation is as unique as the company’s operation and therefore estimates are only available after a study is conducted.

Alternatively, if skill sets are available within the company, they can perform the study themselves before engaging professionals to save costs.