In most companies, everyone is busy and no one takes care the IT in office.

IT systems can help boost a company’s credibility and profitability yet it can cause interruptions and losses when not properly managed. To know about the best computer services, you could check here to find out the services that they are offering along with many other affordable packages.

What happens when a staff resigned?

  • What is the password to access the computer?
  • Where are the project files he/she is working on?
  • How to restart the server?

The list goes on…

How can proTeam support your company?

Every company is different and the way the IT is setup for each office varies. Just like a car, we propose to have an initial inspection (it’s on us, no charge) and then we can provide some recommendations and if required any re-alignment exercise to ensure everything is working as it should.

Our specific services includes Backups, System Documentation, Data Encryption, Disaster Recovery, Performance Management, Security Policies & Strategies, IT Auditing and more.

We also offer maintenance and support contracts which allow companies to enjoy our services all year round at a lower cost.

proTEAM logoService Highlights

  • Experienced Team Support
    Our team comprises of experienced Electronic Engineers, Programmers, Database Administrator, Web Developers that enable us to support your company with almost the full-spectrum of IT needs.
  • Onsite Support
    Computer repairs and maintenance services right in your office. Need to install a wireless internet or remove viruses? we are just one phone call away. Support, repair, troubleshooting and maintenance jobs are available on both working hours and after hours. We can even point you to trusted websites like to find a refurbished computers if yours is broken beyond repair.
  • Remote Support
    Through Internet, our technical engineers will be able to access your computer remotely and attempt to solve your problems directly to save on transportation, time and costs needed. According to our statistics, approximately 80% of the issues can be resolved remotely.
  • Response Time
    We provide 2 hours, 4 hours and next business day response time. Depending on your urgency, we tailor the deliverables to ensure optimum support coverage while save cost.
  • Your Outsource IT Assistant and the Team
    You will be assigned a dedicated assistant for all your IT needs and a fully trained team instantly at your service, they can teach you how to charge apple watch with iphone. We eliminate the cost of hiring and monitoring of the IT staff and now it is in our system to monitor them and constantly improve to serve your better.

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