online marketing makes you standout from the crowd

In an age of Internet and information overload, what can we do to stand out from the crowd? Is it possible for us to increase our business using the online media? The answer is online marketing which now is easier than ever with new tools like idxbroker.

As we know it, online does not mean just the web. It extends to mobile users and mobile have outgrown the web for many applications.

In Datum, we have been building websites, e-Commerce, apps for web and mobile, and the myriads of online activities since Datum was founded, discovering what is possible in the cutting-edge world.

Today, we are here to extend our passion to businesses that need a helping hand to assist in their online marketing activities.

We employ proven strategies to “make it work” for you, building momentum and produce results sooner.

Dreaming of a system that generates passive income?
Instead, we need not dream of it, but to work on it.

A properly build marketing system for your business will last a long time as Showcase idx explains in their website. With little effort and right strategies, this is one of the best investment you can ever make for your business and if you manage employees you should also try to use services like paystub to control your payroll.

Online Marketing Game-Changers

The online arena is full of opportunities for business to improve. Here we list some of the popular activities.

Blogging Management

Blogs are no longer just a personal hobby but it is part of work. No wonder it’s wise to hire a reputable blog designer. It has been proven to deliver message effectively while improving your company’s brand authority. We offer assistance in content conceptualisation, content development (such as article writing, copywriting, proof-reading) to publishing the content on your blogs.

Email Marketing

We assist in sending emails to your contacts on your behalf. From creating a form for visitors to subscribe to your news, to crafting and designing the emails, our aim is to ensure that your message is focused to your intended audience.

Facebook & Twitter Campaigns

Establish presence in the top social networks in the world and start working on recruiting more followers to your business with systematic techniques and consistent messages.

Marketing System Planning

A marketing system is where parts of the marketing tasks are being automated. From collecting email addresses to sending emails and SMS up to tracking the response from each activity. Planning and execution forms part of our online marketing services.

Online Advertising

Advertising provides the best approach to boost traffic and visibility to a website. Google Adwords is the recommended approach for advertising online (a.k.a. Search Engine Marketing / SEM). Together with proper strategies, your website can gain repeat visitors and sales conversions.

Sales and Demo Videos

Videos are none but the best option to “show and tell” and videos will improve credibility and users sharing rate. Videos should not be overly long and boring but the opposite like this award-winning commercial of mike morse. We can assist in ideas, storyboards, recording, editing and publishing of video contents.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you own a hotel business, a hotel SEO agency can optimise your website for Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. SEO marketing takes a lot of time, but it is far less expensive than other marketing methods. Improve your ranking and build up to the first page of search engine with SEO Company Cyprus, especially in Google.

Social Media Marketing

Social interactions is the very nature of Internet itself and the opportunities of the untapped social power is mind-boggling. Let’s start to work on crafting viral contents that can boost your visibility to an overnight fame and establishing credibility of your company.

Datum is always at the fore-front of emerging technologies to remain competitive in the game.

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Should We Outsource?

Isn’t marketing the holy-grail (secret sauce) of my company?

Outsourcing a marketing agency has become a norm in the business world today as it is a must to survive and remain competitive. It enables us to focus on our core expertise while ensuring other disciplines are not neglected.

Our opinion is to meet the people you are interest to outsource to. Get a feel if there is chemistry of working together and whether they can offer confidentiality and non-competing terms of service.

Feel free to let us know your needs and we will glad to be of your service.

Our View on Your Company’s Interest

Datum is serious on confidentiality and security of data as it is the foundation of our very existence. As an IT company, we employ various strategies to ensure your data is safe with us.

Seriously Consider This…

To conclude, online marketing is not something businesses can look lightly and neglect. It has now become the standard for consumers to use when choosing where they are buying or patronising.


Let’s take the first step to find out whether this is our destiny to establish a business relationship.
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